Everything you need to know about roof painting and roof restoration

These are some commonly asked questions we get from Gold Coast home owners. If you would like to know anything else about roof painting, roof repairs or roof restorations, we’ll be happy to offer you no-obligation expert advice.

  1. What is the roof restoration process you use? Roof Painting Gold Coast Ware Painting Roofs faq arrow

    The first step is to thoroughly clean the roof surface and then rinse off the dirt and mould residue. Once this is done we then locate and replace any broken and cracked tiles, then re-point the entire ridge capping where necessary with Flexipoint.

    Our roof restoration process requires 4 applications.

    We then apply 1 coat of primer/sealer to ensure that the tiles are non porous and water proof again. Once this is done we apply 2 coats of Dulux roof membrane paint in the colour of your choice. Finally, we apply 1 coat of shield coat Nano-protect clear glaze protective top coat to protect your roof and keep it looking new for years to come by massively reducing paint fade.

  2. How long does a roof restoration take? Roof Painting Gold Coast Ware Painting Roofs faq arrow

    The process of cleaning, repairing and painting is usually completed within 3 to 5 days. This time frame is dependent on weather conditions and the extent of the repairs we need to undertake. With roof repairs, there is no need for us to access inside your home, so you can go about your day as usual and leave us to do your roof restoration.

    When we’ve finished, we will clean up and leave your home looking neat and tidy with a beautifully restored roof!

  3. What roof paint colours are available? Roof Painting Gold Coast Ware Painting Roofs faq arrow

    We can supply and match virtually any colour roof paintof your choice. We use Dulux products which carry a huge range of colour choices for paint. We use the best quality paint available that’s specially formulated for the task of roof painting and the weather and climate conditions specific to a sub-tropical climate like we have here on the Gold Coast.

  4. Do you Paint Metal Roofs? Roof Painting Gold Coast Ware Painting Roofs faq arrow

    Yes, we do. The 2 most common roof materials used in homes on the Gold Coast are tiles and metal. Metal roofingoftenrequires rustproofing during the surface preparation stage.

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