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    Solar Heating

    At Ware Painting Roofs, we offer quality solar heating installation. Solarware systems are crafted to be installed on a roof and are designed to prevent stagnant water from collecting with innovative self-draining holes built into the design.

    The system mounts to your roof and heats swimming pools and spas. Each system is custom-built for a specific roof.

    Solarware systems get their power from two sources, the absorber tubes and the roof surface itself. This two-method delivery means it takes less time to heat your pool or spa, making it remarkably efficient.

    To discover if a Solarware system is right for you, we encourage you to contact our experienced team. We’re happy to answer any questions or schedule an appointment.

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    How long will it take to heat my pool?

    How long it takes to heat your pool depends on a few different factors. The size of your pool, the weather, and if it’s already being heated.

    What happens in cloudy weather?

    If the system has backup batteries or is tied into your home’s electrical supply, your pool will continue to stay warm. Once it’s sunny again, the system will resume collecting energy from the sun and heat from the roof.

    Can the system be installed on odd-shaped roofs?

    Absolutely. The entire system is designed to be configured to each roof’s unique shape, making it truly flexible and efficient.