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    The Importance of using Clear Glaze Top Coat for Gold Coast Roof Restoration

    Ware Painting Roofs has been involved in the Gold Coast Roof Restoration industry for over 12 years. Has been a registered Dulux AcraTex Applicator since 2007. We have personally been involved in the preparation and painting of over 2000 roofs on the Gold Coast.

    Most businesses  involved in Roof painting on the Gold Coast tend to use a 3 coat system namely a sealer/primer coat then 2 colour coats. We have observed over many years this 3 coat system can let the roof surface be come prematurely porous encouraging dirt pickup, mould build up, chemical attack from pollution and very importantly colour fading.

    To overcome these issues for the last few years Ware Painting Roofs have been using a 4th Clear Glaze Top Coat.

    The main benefits of the 4th Clear Glaze Coat are greatly increased dirt pick up resistance, which helps make the coat self cleaning, excellent non-porous, mould and pollution attack resistance.

    Very importantly for the homeowner also massively increase UV resistance which protects the colour coating underneath from fading.

    As  mentioned the last few years Ware Painting Roofs have used various Clear Glaze products but have found the Dulux Acra-Tex Roof Membrance Glaze Coat to be the best and most superior Clear Glaze product on the market by far.

    The Ware Painting Roof 4 coat system therefore is:

    1 coat Dulux Sealer/Primer Coat

    2 coats Dulux Acra-Tex Gloss Roof Membrane

    1 coat Dulux Ara-Tex Clear Glaze