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    Common Roofing Issues & Solutions

    There’s the saying “out of sight, out of mind”, and that can definitely apply to your roof. But roofs should definitely not be overlooked – you need to always be sure they’re in ideal condition to keep your home and belongings safe. If you’re wondering what issues you might run into with your roof and how you can resolve them, you’re in luck – we’ve put together this handy blog with everything you need to know.

    A Roof Restoration

    Overhanging trees

    One of the most common roofing issues Australian homeowners face is overhanging trees and limbs. While trees look great, if they get too close to your home they can cause issues. Low-hanging branches can scratch your shingles and wear them away over time, leading to leaks. Trees also drop a lot of mess, and leaves and debris can collect on your roof and in your gutters, leading to water pooling and drainage into your eavestroughs. Low-hanging branches also prove dangerous in a storm, as they can fall onto your roof and cause significant damage. They can even prove a handy point of access for rodents or animals, who will take advantage of your roofing materials for nests or burrow inside for safety and warmth.

    Managing your tree situation by lopping overhanging branches is a good way to go, but it’s important you first check with a roofing expert to identify whether this is the best solution. Regularly inspecting your roof will ensure it keeps performing at its best, even with low-hanging tree material.

    Collapsing gutters

    Eavestroughs drain the water that flows down your roof, through the gutters, and along your downspout to the ground. Blockages and ice dams can impact your eavestrough, carrying a significant weight that can push your eavestrough out of place, leaving a hole for water to fall. Collection of sediment in your guttering will prevent proper drainage. If this becomes too much, water will have no place to go but over the edge.

    Consider investing in a gutter guard or mesh to prevent this issue, but remember that your guards need to be cleaned regularly to ensure they work effectively. A professional roofer specialising in gutter work will be able to keep your entire roofing system safe and effective.

    Water leaks

    If you notice any discolouration on your walls or ceilings, this could indicate a leak. Check your attic space for signs of leakage, and especially for staining. You can also inspect the exterior of your home for any issues. A leak will be identifiable beneath the roofline at the edge of your roof – if there’s discolouration or things just don’t look right, you have a problem.

    Leaks can also be caused by faults in a skylight or vent. You’ll notice a leaking skylight straight away, but leaks in vents are harder to detect and often won’t be picked up until it’s too late to do anything other than fork out a huge expense on repairs. Sealing the area’s a short-term fix, but the best solution is engaging a professional to assist with a quality repair.

    Bad DIY work

    Many people love DIY jobs, and that’s great. But roofing DIY can often cause more damage than good. If you don’t carry the required skills or training, you could even be injured along the way. The best option is to engage a roofing contractor to help you with your work. You know they come with the expertise, awareness, training and approach to carry out roofing work safely and efficiently.

    Poor maintenance

    Even though you don’t really spend time looking at your roof, it still needs to be maintained. If you don’t regularly inspect your roof you might eventually run into problems. A roofing professional can set up a regular maintenance schedule to eradicate minor issues before they become major problems.

    Flashing problems

    Vents or chimneys need to be enclosed with flashing, which is a metal sheet preventing the entrance of water. Deteriorated or ineffective flashing will cause water to enter your roof structure. It’s truly the quiet hero of your roof, and your flashing needs to be looked after in order to protect your home. Any deteriorating flashing needs to be assessed by a professional roofer to prevent significant repairs or even a roof replacement.

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