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Does your home on the Gold Coast need roof painting?

Unless you have recently viewed your roof, chances are you may not be aware of the condition of your roof. Roof painting can be a great alternative to getting a replacement roof, as long as your roof is in fair condition. Concrete tiles, terracotta, and metal surfaces are all suitable roof types for painting.

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Most people choose to use a professional for roof painting because it’s quicker and safer the do it yourself option. Considering the importance of having a roof that can withstand the Gold Coast climate and sub-tropical weather conditions, getting a roof painting expert in makes good sense.

A roof requires 4stages of paintingafter cleaning. First priming, followed by 2colour coats, then a clear glaze top coat. Before we begin any new roof painting job we need to make sure we clear your roof of any loose debris and then with our high pressure spray we will clean your roof by removing visible dirt and fungi.This stage is very important as it prepares the roof to ensure that we have a smooth and clean surface to paint.

Before the painting itself is done, we must apply a special primer to ensure that the paint has a non-porous surface to stick to. The formula is safe to use if you collect rain-water for drinking.

Then we paint 2 coats onyour roof using the colour you have chosen. We use Dulux paints which have a wide choice of commonly used roof paint colours so whatever colour you decide on, should be no problem for us to match.

Finally, 4th coat is Nano Protect Clear Glaze, to massively extended the life of the paint and prevent mould growth.

Need help choosing a colour?

No need to stress, we’re here to help. Choosing the right colour for your roof can be difficult for some people. Should you go with a completely new colour or stick with a colour close to what you had. We can advise you one what colours would work best, taking into account things such as the colour scheme of your house, the colour of your bricks, and the style and roof colours in your neighbourhood.

Our roof painting includes gutter and fascia painting

Unlike many roof painters that leave the guttering and fascias looking dowdy, we can paint those too! That means your entire roof, gutters and fascias will all match and look as good as new. We have many colours to choose from so we can make sure everything we paint is exactly the colour you’re after and everything matches.

Why call a roof painting professional

Before you commit to getting your roof painted with us, we are happy to provide you with a free quote. We use Dulux professional grade paints which mean that you get a wide range of colours to choose from and a trusted brand with high grade specially formulated roof paint systems.

We open Monday to Saturday between 8:00am and 5:00pm. Call for bookings or a free quote.


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