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    Refresh Your Roof

    At Ware Painting Roofs, we understand that your roof goes through a lot. Years of exposure to the elements leaves roofs worn, faded and, sometimes, in disrepair. If neglected, your roof may leak, or your home could lose value. But with our roof restoration services, we’ll bring your roof back to life, regardless of the underlying material.

    First, we’ll thoroughly inspect your roof for damage. Then we’ll pressure clean it to remove dirt, debris and any mould. If any mould is noticed, we’ll treat it with a powerful fungicide.

    Once your roof is clean, we’ll repair loose tiles, replace tiles and re-point ridge capping wherever it’s needed. The final steps involve spraying a primer, applying two coats of colour, and finishing with a durable seal. The results are a beautiful new-looking roof that’ll stand the test of time.

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    Restoring a Roof in the Gold Coast

    We guarantee it

    Most of our roof restoration projects are complete within three days. We use high-quality materials, pay attention to minor details and utilise the experience of our staff to achieve an outstanding outcome for every client.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Why can’t I hose off and paint my roof myself?

    An experienced professional knows what to look for during the initial inspection. Hidden cracks or loose tiles and discolouration caused by mould are easy to overlook by an untrained eye and will cause costly problems if not addressed.


    Will restoring my roof fix hail damage?

    That depends on the extent of the damage and what your roof is made of. Many times, it can. A professional roof restorer needs to visit your location and see the extent of the damage, then discuss your options.

    How long does it take to restore a roof?

    Generally speaking, restoring a roof takes three days. Variables like the size of the house and pitch of the roof may affect the overall time but it should only be by a few hours.