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    Affordable Roof
    Repairs on the Gold Coast

    At Ware Painting Roofs, our highly trained roofers will inspect your roof, identify the areas which need addressing, then perform the repairs with care and precision.

    Roof repairs are cost-effective, as they help you avoid having to replace the roof entirely. They also help protect your home’s foundation, which can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Leaving a damaged roof as is could also impact your home insurance policy.

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    Experienced Roof Repairers

    We’re skilled at working with your home’s existing structure and have extensive experience matching tiles or metal for a seamless repair. From metal to terracotta, we’ll take great care to ensure a perfect match to your current roof.

    Our most common roof repairs involve metal and tiled roofs. Regardless of the material or style of your roof, you can trust our qualified and experienced team to handle the repair properly.

    We're also skilled at
    repainting and use only
    quality materials

    From Dulux, which are formulated to handle the demands of Gold Coast weather. Any roof repair work starts with resolving the underlying problem, cleaning the roof, applying a primer, and painting over the damaged area. If an entire roof repaint is necessary, our six-person team handles that as well.

    We’re happy to guarantee our products and services for ten years, but you can expect to enjoy the beauty and performance for fifteen. Our friendly team is happy to answer any enquiries or to schedule an appointment for a free quote.

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    Roof Repair FAQ


    Are roof repairs covered by insurance?

    If your insurance policy covers the repairs needed, then it may. Whether or not your insurance will pay for the repairs is something to be discussed when consulting with a professional.

    Is it better to repair, or should I replace the roof?

    Many times, replacing your roof isn’t necessary, and repairing it is all that’s needed. It’s essential to have an experienced professional correctly evaluate the extent of the damage and offer honest advice.

    Can’t I do the repairs myself?

    While it is possible for a homeowner to perform many repairs, most manufacturers will not honour warranties for their products that aren’t installed by trained and/or certified professionals.