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    How To Find & Fix A Roof Leak

    If you’re starting to notice discolouration, stains, or patches of mould on your ceiling, you may have a leak in your roof. A roof leak in your home is more than just a mild inconvenience; it could be an indication of a more serious problem that requires immediate attention. Our experienced and professional team at Ware Painting Roofs is here to help you resolve your roof leak quickly and professionally. Here’s how you can easily spot some leaks, and tips to temporarily resolve a leaking roof in your home.

    Water Droplets Leaking From Ceiling

    Locating The Leak

    When you find wet patches or watermarks on your ceiling, it’s natural to assume that’s where your leak is located. In fact, water discolouration tends to occur at weak points in a ceiling and is often the end point of a roof leak; your leak may even have begun at the opposite end of your roof.

    To locate the source of your roof leak, it’s important you begin by inspecting your roof in the area above any visible stains. Look for any obvious signs of damage, like missing shingles, cracks or holes in the flashing, broken gutters, or fallen tree branches. Make sure you inspect your ceilings inside too for peeling paint, moisture and discolouration. Examining your roof space or attic for mould, stains, or dampness can also help you pinpoint the leak at its source.

    Fixing A Leak

    Some leak repairs may be straightforward such as applying sealant, covering damaged areas with metal or flashing, clearing debris and replacing any damaged guttering may easily resolve your leak.

    If you’re conducting repairs yourself, first consider your safety; it’s crucial you pay attention to your safety. If your roof is wet, do not attempt to climb on it as you are at greater risk of a fall and serious injury. Instead, it’s best to contact the team at Ware Painting Roofs to arrange a callout.

    When you climb onto your roof or into any small confined spaces, you’re putting your safety at risk. For such repairs, it’s sometimes better to leave the job to trained plumbers with the equipment to ensure a safe and hassle-free outcome.

    Preventing Roof Leaks

    You’ll be glad to know there are things you can do to prevent a leak, and highest on the list is regular maintenance of your roof.

    1. Carry Out Frequent Roof Inspections

    Frequent roof inspections, especially in areas of heavy rainfall, can ensure any broken seals or signs of damage are resolved and corrected before they become a bigger and more costly problem. An experienced Ware Painting Roofs technician is on hand to conduct your inspection, check for deterioration or problem areas, and provide an expert recommendation on a course of action.

    Sealed plumbing within your roof space is also crucial for preventing leaks. It’s important to inspect the condition of your vent pipes, exhaust pipes and fan ducts to stay on top of any deterioration or damage that might result from weather or significant rainfall.

    2. Conduct Regular Gutter Cleaning

    Regularly cleaning out your gutters at least twice a year can also stop roof leaks even before they begin. Old guttering or collections of debris and leaves can cause water to overflow into your roof. Just like a roof inspection, gutter cleaning is a significant job that might not be safe for you to carry out on your own. If you have any concerns, contact our team and one of our professionals will clean out your gutters in no time.

    3. Contact Ware Painting Roofs

    If you have been dealing with an occasional roof leak, there are things you can pay attention to in order to ensure as quick and cost-effective a repair as possible. When your roof leaks, note the wind direction, strength and angle of rainfall. These are all highly important pieces of information that can help our team to locate and repair your leak most effectively.

    Our experienced, fully-trained team at Ware Painting Roofs is here to help you find and repair your roof leak and ensure you maintain a clean, dry roof well into the future. We proudly offer free roof inspections and a no-obligation report on what we find. If there are problems, we’ll provide a free quote with our recommended course of action. And you won’t have to worry about getting value for money. With our “no deposit” policy, you won’t have to pay a cent until you’re completely satisfied with the quality of our workmanship.

    Keep your home and your family safe and dry with Ware Painting Roofs. Contact our friendly team today to arrange your free inspection or visit our website to learn more about our leak prevention services and expertise.