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    The Importance of Painting Roof Tiles Gold Coast.

    Ware Painting Roofs have prepared and painted 2000+ roofs on the Gold Coast. We would like to address a common problem in the industry of roof tile paint Gold Coast. The problem is the roof tiles front edges near the roof edge very often have only a extremely thin mist or whisper of a coating of paint over them, (see image 1).

    A roof painter spraying down hill near the roofs edge, (see image 2), has a very difficult job of covering the front edge of these tiles using a straight spay nozzle (see image 3, right side). This problem is caused by the roof painter not wanting to get too close to the roofs edge while painting the roof. Because of this when the roof painting job is first completed the front edge of these tiles may appear to look covered by paint, but unfortunately this is such a thin coating it doesn’t take very long for the suns UV rays and natural weathering to burn off the thin whisper coating quickly exposing the original roof colour.

    This is a very commonly reoccurring quality control and/or warranty issue of painting roof tiles Gold Coast. To overcome this problem, Ware Painting Roofs have exclusively designed and developed a reverse roof painting nozzle, (see image 3, left side). All other roof painting contractors in the industry of roof tile paint Gold Coast use a straight nozzle for the entire job.

    Ware Painting Roofs use a 90+ degree nozzle for the purpose of properly coating the front edge of the roof tiles that are close to the roofs edge (see images 4 and 5).

    The Ware Painting Roofs reverse painting nozzle produce a series of ‘lines’ along the roofs edge which are separate lines of properly thickly applied paint to this usually very thinly coated area of the roof painting job (see images 6 and 7).

    Ware Painting Roofs finished roof painting job with all front edges painted thickly and properly (see images 8 and 9).