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    The Importance of Roof Maintenance

    Painting Roof Tiles Gold Coast and the maintenance schedule that is required for Roof Tile Paint Gold Coast, Ware Painting Roofs recommends a 2 year maintenance schedule. Many roofs have some sort of P.V Solar heating system installed these days that require cleaning maintenance every 2 years. We believe every home owner should get roof surface and panels of P.V systems professionally cleaned at least every 2 years to maximise P.V panels absorption and prolong roof surface coating.

    Roof Maintenance and how it affects your home insurance. Insurance companies can reject claims that roof repairs are not storm related and are caused by lack of roof maintenance in others words if you make a claim to an insurance company about your roof it is normally the result of a leak into the interior of the building and the company will likely send an assessor out to the property to inspect the roof to see what has caused the leak.

    The assessor will often find there is no storm damage to the roof and the roof is leaking due to a lack of maintenance. The insurance companies tend to view storm events as:

    • High winds blowing roof off
    • Winds blowing objects or broken tree branches or fallen tree onto the roof and subsequently braking roof tiles.
    • Hail events where hale stone have broken roof tiles, skylights etc.

    Aside from these issues that actually are storm related, claims caused by lack of roof maintenance give the insurance company grounds to reject claims.

    Examples of roof maintenance are:

    • Spilt or broken lead flashing
    • Tree branches and leaf matter blocking roof valleys preventing water to run off into the guttering.
    • Rusty gutters and/or rusty roof valleys can cause leaks into the roof cavity.

    Other roof leak problems can be caused by bad design and/or faulty installation, for example:

    • Flashing not installed properly
    • Gutters not wide effort
    • Roof valleys not wide enough
    • Pitch of roof to low

    To provide a solution to these issues it is wise to have your roof surface regularly cleaned. Have your gutters and valleys regularly cleaned, have any rust affected areas replaced. If your roof has design problems or faulty installation causing leaks it is a good idea to have a licensed Gold Coast Roof Restoration company repair and rectify these issues.

    Another reason for a roof to be leaking is work carried out by incompetent, usually unqualified and unsupervised roof workers employed by companies engaged in the installation of such products as,

    • Electric photo voltaic panels systems
    • Roof insulation
    • Television antenna installation
    • Solar pool heating installation
    • Solar domestic hot water installation

    Often unqualified and inexperienced roof workers installing these types of products have no idea the damage that results to the interior of a building when they carelessly leave split, broken, cracked or shoddily repaired or even missing tiles left by them causing subsequent leaking roofs.

    To avoid and prevent these issues from occurring to the home owners roof it would be wise to only use companies that,

    • Only use contractors with relevant licences for the work that can be evidenced in writing and are current and up to date.
    • Use only contractors with all relevant insurances in place, especially third party and property damage insurance which can be evidenced in writing with an insurance company certificate of currency.
    • Request that a licensed supervisor or manager in charge of the installation is on site at all times.
    • Request the owner or manager to be available to inspect the installation and give a quality control final check over on behalf of the customer before final payment is made.